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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Faculty
  Existing Faculty B.Ed
s. no. Name DOB Designation Academic Professional Qualification Date of Joining Mode of Appointment
1 Dr. Meenakshi Jain 25.04.1966 Principal B.Sc. M.Sc. M.Ed.,  M.Phil, Ph.D (Education) 3/1/2007 Full time
2 Dr. Krishna Pandey 11.09.1945 Lecturer M.A. M.Ed., Ph.D (Hindi) 20/7/2007 Full time
3 Mrs. Shashi Kumari 07.07.77 Lecturer M.A. (Hindi) M.Ed. Ph.D (Edu. Pusuing) 8/5/2006 Full time
4 Mrs. Poonam Singh 10.07.1979 Lecturer M.A. (English) M.Ed., Ph.D (Edu. Pursuing) 01/06/2008 Full time
5 Mrs. Poonam Sharma 10.04.1979 Lecturer M.A. (Eco) M.Ed., Ph.D (Edu. Submitted)  11/02/2008 Full time
6 Ms. Neeraj Mehra 19.06.65 Lecturer M.Sc. M.Ed. 01/02/2010 Full time
7 Mrs. Simlesh Sharma 10.03.75 Lecturer M.A. (Hindi), M.A. (Eco) M.Ed. 21/10/2010 Full time
8 Mrs Archana Gautam 11.06.82 Lecturer M.A.(Hindi), M.A. (H.Sc.) M.Ed. 18/10/2010 Full time
9 Mrs. Archana Sharma  05.03.85 Lecturer M.Sc.  M.Ed. 01/03/2011 Full time
10 Mr. Nand Kishore Verma 15.01.77 Lecturer M.A. (Education), M.A.(Hist.) Ph.D (Edu. Pursuing) 18/10/2011 Full time
11 Ms. Geetika Singh Parmar   Lecuter M.A. (Hindi) M.Ed. 01/08/2011 Full time
12 Mr. Vijay Singh   Lecuter M.Sc (Maths) M.Ed 01/07/2011 Full time
13 Mr. Akhilesh Singh - Lecturer M.A. (Hindi) M.Ed. 02/09/2011 Full time
14 Padam Singh   Lecturer M.A. (Hist.) M.Ed. 28/11/2011 Full time