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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Facilities
Psychology Lab

Lab Containing Intelligent Test (Performance Non- Verbal & Verbal), Aptitude test, Creavity Test, Personality Scales, Attitude Test and  Interest Inventories, Vairous Apparatus.

Edu. Technology Lab
Lab Consisting of four Computers, CD ROMs, O.H.P, T.V, V.C.R., Projector, Over Head Projector LCD.
Language Lab
There are also facility of language learning and training the students in deferent language to speak & write correctly.
Science Lab
This Institution has duly furnished Science laboratory containing Science materials related to Physics, Chemistry & Bio. Subjects.
Music & Craft
various musical instruments & craft material  
A big playground, facility of various sports like basket ball, volley ball, cricket, badminton and indoor games.
Computer lab
S. No. Particulars Requirement as per Norms Availability
1. Number of Computer Systems _ 35
2. Hardware Specification ____ P4, 2.4 GHZ, 128 Ram, 40 Gb HDD
3. Number of Systems on LAN/WAN ____ 35
4. Relevant Legal Software Application/System Ms-Office, Studio Max, Windows Software
5. Peripheral Printers >____ Available
6. Internet Accessibility ____ 512 KBPS for Computer Lab
A) Total Area : 150 Spr Meter
B) Seating Capacity : 75 Student
C) Reprographic Facilities Yes
D) Working Hours of Library 7 Hr.
E) Internet Facility in Library Yes
F) Number of Books Issued to Faculty 4 Books to Each One
G) Expenditure % of Total Income of Fee 2%
H) Library Staff with Qualification & Pay Scale M.Lib (Librarian)
B.Lib (Astt. Librarian)
  Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose Hall with seating capacity of 250 Students, LCD Projecter, Music System. etc.